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Anlo Financial Solutions is a financial services practice that provides accounting, taxation, secretarial, booking, and consulting services within the Edinburgh area to small and medium businesses. Contact us today see how we can help you!


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New and growing businesses have enough on their hands without the added burden of bookkeeping and accounting. The numbers are always something that they ‘will find time’ for.

In truth it’s difficult to make the time to stay on top of your finances, but it is crucial that you do.  

Anlo has a cooperative, friendly approach to accountancy and can help you, whether you are a fresh-faced start-up, or you are finding your way in the world of business.

We work with self-employed business owners who are struggling to find the right online accountancy package and meet the new tax digital rules, as well as new start-up businesses who are for the first time facing the challenge of setting up and managing their business financial accounts.

We offer an accountancy package tailored to your needs as you start and grow your business. We offer advice, support and insights into understanding your finances.

We take the worry, anxiety and time out of managing your tax, book keeping and filing of accounts

HMRC has introduced Making Tax Digital and it’s confusing! Instead of a year-end reconciliation, digital tax submission is an on-going process.

By taking advantage of cloud-based packages and adding our considerable experience, you can discover that far from being just another millstone around your neck, digital tax is a powerful tool that can help you stay on top of your finances.  

Anlo can advise on the best package, set it up and hold your hand while you get to grips with it.

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From South Africa to Scotland

Servicing Scotland to South Africa

We provide one-stop financial services to small and medium businesses
through detailed analysis and understanding of what our clients need.

We have an office in Johannesburg, so we understand the needs of
businesses in both Scotland and South Africa.